Health services is one of the largest industries in the country, with about 11.3 million jobs. About 14 percent of all wage and salary jobs created between 1998 and 2008 will be in health services. Twelve out of 30 occupations projected to grow the fastest are concentrated in health services. Most jobs require less than 4 years of college education.








People who work in health care attend to the medical needs of millions of people each day. Health care professionals combine the latest technology and a human touch to offer care in a number of settings.

Health care employees come in all
shapes and sizes. They include the
nurse working in a one-doctor rural
physician practice, to the pharmacist working in a large inner-city hospital, to the therapist traveling to patients� homes.

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Mother Uses Online Milk-Sharing Platform to Feed Her Baby


A 39-year-old woman from Singapore decides on buying donated milk online after failing to breastfeed her baby. Fiona Grier is a successful business owner and a mother of four, who had no problems breastfeeding in the past, but wasn’t able to produce breast milk for her fourth child. Mrs. Grier had no problems breastfeeding three of her kids, but due to some complications she wasn’t able to do the same for her baby Ciara, whom she gave birth a couple of weeks ago.

The reason why she failed to produce milk was the placenta tissue that stayed in her body and wrecked havoc on her hormones. This is not an uncommon issue – when the placenta stays in the body, hormones will not trigger the breast milk production. Although this is not a dangerous problem, the trouble with it is that there’s no cure for it apart from time. But, Mrs. Grier didn’t have time to wait as her baby was hungry. One option was to feed her with formula, but Grier didn’t want to give up on breast milk.

Mrs. Grier decided to look for real breast milk online. To her surprise, she realized that there were plenty of milk sharing platforms on the internet. One that dealt with breast milk sharing in Singapore, the Human Milk 4 Human Babies (HM4HB), was her choice.

Just a couple of days after making a request, Mrs. Grier got the milk from two mothers and was ready to feed her baby Ciara. Milk-sharing is not something that is recommended by the professionals, but the reasons why Grier decided on this are pretty legit. According to her, medications didn’t help her produce more than 1-2 milliliters of milk per day. She didn’t want to use the formula because of the evidences that it can mess up the flora in baby’s intestine and further make her prone to allergies.

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The reasons why professionals discourage women from using milk-sharing sites is that they’re not regulated, at least not in Singapore, where Mrs. Grier lives. According to Ms Wong Lai Ying from NUH Women’s Centre, donor milk could be a great option for mothers who can’t breastfeed, but only if the milk is tested and pasteurized. That’s the only way that this can be a safe practice.

Breast milk, same as every bodily fluid, can be a transmitter of diseases like Hepatitis B or even HIV. Although the chances are slim that the breast milk will infect the baby, there are many other reasons why it is dangerous. If not pasteurized, the milk can get contaminated.

However, so far, Fiona Grier had only good experiences. When asked about the dangers this practice brings, Mrs. Grier said she had made her decision based on chat with the mothers that were donating the milk. After talking with them about their health and vaccinations, Grier was able to make her choice.

Fiona Grier is no stranger to sharing breast milk. In fact, she said that she donated her breast milk when she was breastfeeding her 3rd child. At the moment, Grier’s problems with placenta are gone, so she’s able to breastfeed her baby girl on her own.





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