Lebanon County

VHA Lebanon

Student Scholarship Program: No
Scholarship Amount:  
Scholarship Targeted Professions:  
Scholarship Conditions:  
Scholarship Contact:  
Scholarship Contact Email:  
Scholarship Contact Phone:  

Student Loan/Forgiveness: No
Loan Amount:  
Loan Targeted Professions:  
Loan Conditions:  
Loan Contact:  
Loan Contact Email:  
Loan Contact Phone:  

Employee Assistance: Yes
Assistance Type: Scholarship, tuition reimbursement
Assistance Details: Amount, details vary
Assistance Contact: Elaine Mika
Assistance Contact Email: elaine.mika@med.va.gov
Assistance Contact Phone: (717) 272-6621, ext. 4660

The Good Samaritan Hospital

Student Scholarship Program: Yes
Scholarship Amount: Varies
Scholarship Targeted Professions: Nursing, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy
Scholarship Conditions: Lebanon County resident, maintain "C+" average, encouraged to work at the Good Samaritan Hospital after graduation
Scholarship Contact: Connie Sheaffer
Scholarship Contact Email: csheaffer@gshleb.com
Scholarship Contact Phone: (717) 270-7800

Student Loan/Forgiveness: Yes
Loan Amount: Varies
Loan Targeted Professions: Nursing, radiology
Loan Conditions: Employment used as recruitment tool
Loan Contact: Karen Dielmann
Loan Contact Email: kdielmann
Loan Contact Phone: (717) 270-7901

Employee Assistance: Yes
Assistance Type: Tuition reimbursement
Assistance Details: 80% for full time employees, 40% for part time employees, 50% for graduate program, 100% for and-RN program
Assistance Contact: Tina Candori
Assistance Contact Email: ccandori@gshleb.com
Assistance Contact Phone: (717) 270-7901

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