Northumberland County

Sunbury Community Hospital

Student Scholarship Program: Yes
Scholarship Amount: Up to $10,000 based on need
Scholarship Targeted Professions: Nursing, Radiology, Laboratory
Scholarship Conditions: Work commitment after graduation
Scholarship Contact: Randal Hollenbach
Scholarship Contact Email:
Scholarship Contact Phone: (570) 286-3315

Student Loan/Forgiveness: No
Loan Amount:  
Loan Targeted Professions:  
Loan Conditions:  
Loan Contact:  
Loan Contact Email:  
Loan Contact Phone:  

Employee Assistance: Yes
Assistance Type: Tuition reimbursement
Assistance Details: For existing employees only, from accredited school
Assistance Contact: Randal Hollenbach
Assistance Contact Email:
Assistance Contact Phone: (570) 286-3315

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